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KEIKOBA - SKU   1981-  2019   /   38th year
Shukokai  Karate / self defence & self awareness,    Stoke- on -Trent. Staffordshire.        

       NEW  BEGINNERS  CLASSES NOW STARTING AT FOUR DOJOS .                           SPECIAL OFFER.                                      

Our safe & friendly clubs are for children from 5 yrs, teenagers, adults and families, to learn traditional Shukokai & self defence    
 Who we are :  
An established & unique karate that is based in Stoke on Trent, taught by   full time martial arts specialist  Sensei  Dave Bowler , Hachidan 8th           Degree black belt & SKU gold licence holder with 43 years loyal service     and experience in self defence and 
awareness training.                                                                                                            
 Keikoba  / self defence  was established  in 1981, and now after 38 years  four clubs are thriving and unique to any other karate clubs in                        Staffordshire & Cheshire. We have trained many students from                    beginner to black belt  and beyond also champions in kumite & kata          competition, you can be assured of the very best tuition available .                                                                                                                                  
 Whether you are a beginner, advanced, or just want to get fit and learn       self defence, then we have the experience  to guide you through to               reach your goal !                                                                                                                
We teach authentic traditional shukokai karate / self defence, effectively    and safely to our world recognised style, all at very sensible prices.           
                                    Classes are based upon:                                                   Traditional Shukokai  Karate, Self  defence, general fitness & health,      (Children's fitness & games),  co-ordination,  confidence building,            discipline, self esteem, meeting new friends,  grading syllabus                 guidence, strike shield &  focus mitts for technique impact , learn           effective techniques for sparring &  competition.                                        
Each class is taught with different ideas, which can be fun & energetic.                                                                                             
 Keikoba squad  take part in a variety of competitons which include               national, open, european, international & world, in kata & Kumite                  events. Suitable  for young and  junior children, seniors & veterans.             Training is available for the build up and  preparation towards these            competitions.                                                                                                                           Keikoba competition kumite squad  have acheived          
                      16 gold  , 12 silver & 22 bronze medals  in 2018.  
Private tuition  is available by appointment only, for a pre- grading          build up or self defence.  With convenient times & venue to suit.                                  

Sensei  Dave Bowler 8th Degree





Affiliated to the
Shukokai Karate
1969 - 2019
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